Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fallen Arches & Swagger Like Us

Fallen Arches By: Eric Flemming

This film depicts the demise of Ronald McDonald.

N.A.S.A. Head Contributor
Mark Jeezy


(p.s. download this shit RIght NOW.........T.I. Feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne and M.I.A. - Swagger Like Us)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obskure Survives MySpace Takedown Tactics!!!!!

So, Let's Rejoice!!!!!

Im posting a new song for all of you lovely N.A.S.A. readers to enjoy.  Its called Dirty Soap. (thnx for the name steph!) Its a different kind of song that I think you will appreciate as listeners. Its focus is on performance. . . . . . . . . . . 

I know what you are thinking, How could that be?!

I am embarking on a new era of Obskure original tunes that is going to be performance based, rather than production based.  This song features a drone rhythm while an ever changing line rides over it into oblivion. I really hope you like it,

Here it is in 320 glory

N.A.S.A. Head Contributor
Mark Jeezy


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Come See P.A.T.T.!!

Holaz N.A.S.A.liens,

I want to invite EVERYONE to come to the NEW East Atlanta Icehouse, this Saturday August 23rd!

543 Flat Shoals Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 | Tel 404.577.2073

East Atl Icehouse is hosting a Fashion Show with a band called Judi Chicago (admittedly, I'm not familiar with their tunes, but brando knows 'em and says they're super kool! It's Punk/Noise-Core?). BUT!, in the second room, my buddy Greg from DSIR music will be opening up the tables @ 8pm with some of his own DJ styling until 9pm when I will take over the decks and throw down some super-fun electro house/breaks and whatever else tickles our fancy. We will not be charging any cover this weekend, so please come check it out and enjoy the new venue!!

My apologies for my recent absence. I am currently moving to a new residence and I think most of us know how much time this can eat!! The great news is that I FREAKIN LOVE HARMONY! Ehem, I mean... (note to self, remind self you are not Captain Murphy) I freakin LOVE the new place! I have a roommate I can actually hang out with, no untrained puppy, gorgeous backyard, and I can bike to work! ROCK!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obskure Smackdown!!!!!!

Hello Everyone~~~~

Just Checking in to let you know how much I appreciate every single one of you. This project is coming together quite nicely, I couldn't be more proud. (and there is even more stuff coming thats going to keep pushing us up).

So, lets get down to business. I did a track with my man from Cult Of The Subterranean called Work This Out and you can download it here. This track is pretty much a milestone in my musical career, considering it put a hault to my music creating due to the massive power and simplicity. Its been kind of a looming cloud over my shoulder reminding me how far a simple, yet great melody can take you. After Work This Out was posted, it got the attention of Velveteen Pink member Alfredo, known here as Immuzikation. Immuzikation has been gathering some accolades for his mash up work. His artistic view towards the "mash up" is what is driving this attention. When he mashes tracks, he actually takes into consideration the melodies and keys that the tracks have. What?! A musically educated mash up artist? Hell yeah. Most mashups are off key and dissonant where his are like a freshly laced up pair of Shell Toes. Here is his take on some MGMT + Daft Punk Shizzle

So, Immuzikation approached me about doing an mash up of Work This Out, and I was flattered. I tried to be all cool about it, but inside I was all like " what the fuck?! this is HUGE!" i spent days thinking of what songs he heard on top of mine, what he was hearing that i wasn't. He was actually looking between the lines! Here is the product of his work, I wont tell you what song it was mashed with, I'll only tell you that its called DIE 4 WORK and you can download it exclusively here

I uploaded this track to my myspace and it got my uploading priveleges revoked due to a copyright assertion.

So...........that page may get deleted soon. I hope not tho.

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK EVERYONE!!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

N.A.S.A. Head Contributor
Mark Jeezy


Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hey all! Im the newest member to NASA, but I'd also like to think of myself as a co-founder. My brother Mark and I have loved music probably more than anything else as far back as i can remember. The idea for NASA came about a long time ago and I'm quite proud that this is the beginning of a long lasting communication relationship with everyone who is interested. My name is Brandon, Atlanta native, and a complete sucker for Air or Casino VS Japan at 3am M-S. I plan on using this blog space as another communication medium for self expression of things I think to be worthy of sharing with the world. I've also been behind turntables since around the summer of 99' experimenting with all kinds of music. Anyway, lets see where this takes us. Cheers


Friday, August 15, 2008


the other day I was looking over my recently inherited vinyl collection and happened upon this classic record:

I had never seen this particular album before, and was intrigued because I had only been exposed to the original best of the doobies, which featured mostly songs from the tom johnston era of the doobies. that era was not bad, but what really got me about "best of the doobies II" was that it was entirely from the era featuring the blue eyed soul of michael mcdonald. mcdonald joined the doobies in 1976 when johnston had to leave the band due to health issues. god bless illness. in 1979 mcdonald enlisted the help of fellow crooner kenny loggins in what would become the doobies second and last no.1 hit. in fact "what a fool believes" was one of the only non-disco no.1 billboard hits in 1979. unfortunately I don't have an mp3 handy nor could I find one that was already blogged, but here is a fictional account of how the song was created. enjoi.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

back so soon?

so yeah, i have some more time to kill till my laundry is done, so here is my first "official" post; what more can be said about electric light orchestra, other than the fact that jeff lynne is a fucking pop genius. the man wrote some of the best hooks to come out of am radios in the 70's and early 80's. not too mention being one of the first "rock" bands to include a light orchestra as actual credited band members and not just studio/touring musicians. lynne was also probably the least known member of the super-group the traveling willburys(bob dylan, george harrison, roy orbison, tom petty, jeff lynne). last week when I finaly recieved the news that we would be closing on our housein 24 hours all i could do was get in my car and play this song. hope you like it-



new guy

oh hai. I'm the hot new shit on the hot new blog. hahahawt. now a little about me; I know a lot of things. simply put, my memory is incredible at storing useless facts and information, therefore if you're ever putting together a team for trivia, i'm your guy. I have music a.d.d. like a mofo, I used to buy at least 5 albums every time I got a paycheck. I liked to consider myself a true music fan, totally against piracy. then I got connected to high speed internet. in my prime I was downloading 15 albums a night with no remorse. I rarely ever capitalize letters other than I. no particular reason, other than I'm lazy and I is important. I love the nightlife, and I go out a lot. chances are if you've seen me out(drunk), then saw me in the daytime(sober), its possible you've wondered if I'm the same guy you saw out. i have what i call jeckyl and hyde syndrome; i.e. when I drink I take on a totally different personality. it also might have something to do with the 3-4 tilts/sparks I drink before leaving the house. I'm kind of a manwhore. I'm not against relationships, quite the contrary. I just find that its easier to have a physical connection with someone than a mental one, and connecting is fun. ha. so yeah, thats obviously not all about me, its just that the majority of my posts will be about music, drinking and sexing. till the next post....



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Previews Worth Your Time

I have been a movie lover for all of my life, like I am sure many of you have been. However, it's very rare that a preview captures my attention as much as this one did. Although I have not seen this movie yet, I felt the trailer was appealing enough to share. It's a movie called Man on a Wire. Check it out below:

I have also posted some other previews for your entertainment.

Burn After Reading:

The Best Movie I Have Seen All Year = THE DARK KNIGHT:

Drew Barrymore's New Movie = He's Just Not That Into You:

Another New Pitt Movie = The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

Gossip Grrrl

Small Steph 2

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Deadmua5 killed it!! by P.A.T.T.

I usually don't post blogs about DJs I saw at the club last night... but DAMN! Deadmau5 totally rocked my progressive world last night @ WETbar. If you haven't heard about this guy yet, then you need to get Dead! He's been making a huge name for himself around the world, producing some big original tracks as well as remixing tracks for some of my favorite artists like Daft Punk and Hyrbid.

Last night, Deadmau5 opened up his set with a filthy minimal remix of Fatboy Slim's - "Star 69" and almost immediately slammed the dancefloor with an awesome hard electro bass track that shook the house and let everyone know that Deadmau5 was about to rock! He definitely impressed me with the first hour of his set, mixing it up with minimal and progressive sounds as well as dropping a couple of fist pumpin hard electro tracks. Of course, he dropped his remix of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", but this time, he was mashing it up with what almost sounded like Wolfmother's "Mind's Eye", but don't quote me on that. It sounded great though! He also dropped two of my favorite recent progressive tracks: His own original production "Arguru" which is a gorgeous track as well as his remix of Hybrid's "Finished Symphony", both of which brought the whole place down.

I didn't get any good pics of the infamous mousehead he wore off and on while tearing up the booth, but I'll tell you about it: He wore the blue mousehead which if you haven't seen it, is very cartoony looking, but of course is a great visual gimmick and makes the crowd go wild! He also has the eyes of the mousehead hooked up with sound reactive color changing LEDs, which just seals the deal for me, the guy F'in rocks!

So I may have missed the Opening Ceremony of the Bejing Olympics, BUT I SAW DEADMAU5 ON CRAZY 8s!!!

N.A.S.A. Contributor - P.A.T.T.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Death Metal


Im so happy that this blog is taking off, we have two new members that are going to be a MAJOR asset to this organization. Gossip Grrrl and P.A.T.T. They are both going to be great contributors, so GIVE THEM A SHOUT!!!!!!


Okay, On to the goods. Im posting a track that was up on my myspace a little while ago. Its a insane track. Its got crazy filters, acid synth, and gnar dog chimes. I really hope you like it.

Death Metal

The weekend is fast approaching. Have a great one guys!!!!

N.A.S.A. Head Contributor
Mark Jeezy


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nocturnal Audio Sensory Awakening

Hello all you lovely coconuts! This is P.A.T.T. - Party All The Time (formerly known as KitKat) joining the N.A.S.A. boards!

I'm an artist of many media, but mostly known as DJ P.A.T.T. It's been 12 years since I picked up my first vinyl. Since then, I've ventured through latin house, vocal house, disco house, tech house, deep house, florida breaks, west coast breaks, nu skool breaks, funky house, funky breaks, progressive house, progressive breaks, acid jazz, chill out, downtempo, ambient, electronica, and most recently... electro house and electro breaks. I'm sure I left a few out there...

You can check out a couple of my full length mix sets here. Enjoy!

Please let me know what you think!

-- P.A.T.T.

New Contrib Info

My name is Steph (S/Gossip Grrrl). I have much love for the A and for the guys that have formed this group. I can't wait for this board to pick up. So START posting/commenting!!
So far, I am the only grrrl contributor for NASA.
I'll take requests if there are certain topics you all would like me to post about. Other than that, my posts will be mostly entertainment based.


N.A.S.A. Gossip Grrrl
Small Steph 2

Friday, August 1, 2008

Can Of Wormz

This track was done with a friend of mine, Nato Jacobs who lives out in California. Its got some crazy bass as well as some righteous beat chops. I really hope you like it. To this day me and Nato Jacobs havent met. Stop by his page and let him know whats up. He is steady creating stuff and it was a pleasure working with him.
Nato Jacobs :

Can Of Wormz : Can Of Wormz - Z Share

N.A.S.A. Head Contributor
Mark Jeezy